Industry Alert – Intuit QuickBooks – Protecting yourself from cyber crime
Not everyone who asks for your information has your best interests at heart. An unsavoury character might pose as someone you know and trust – like QuickBooks – and gather your sensitive information for their own purposes. This is called phishing. There are some email phishing scams circulating that ask recipients to confirm account changes with QuickBooks by clicking on a link. If clicked, the link will automatically begin downloading malware to your device, giving scammers access to passwords and other sensitive data stored there. Do not click on these links. QuickBooks will never ask you to confirm or update account information by email.… (0 comment)

Cloud Storage Providers: Considering the issues and implementing practical solutions (Part 1)
At one time or another each of us has experienced the "I wish I had backed that file up" moment. Backing up digital assets, whatever they might be, is an activity that anyone using a computing device of any sort, will at one time have to come to terms with. Today's topic looks at the convenience cloud storage provides, the risks involved and examines a few providers that you may want to consider for your online storage needs.… (0 comment)

Basics – Your user account's Basics series are brief articles that discuss the fundamentals of what safe online activity and behaviours are all about. Today's topic examines user accounts and how to best make use of them.… (0 comment)